Security Contracting For Large Institutions

Engage our company to handle everything security in your organization. In security contracting, our company becomes the consulting firm, holistically, in all security-related decisions for an agreed contractual period as opposed to being called in, from time to time, when the need arise. These areas include:

  • All Security related procurements: security technology, system, equipment, gadget or infrastructure.
  • Contracting Guarding Company / Private Security Officers.
  • Security of your buildings, assets, people, information, resident and visiting VIPs.
  • Creating security department and hiring on your behalf security manager and officers.
  • Your Events Security.
  • Security-Related Training.
  • Your Employees’ Background Checks.
  • Your institution’s Due Diligence Services.

This enables your organization to concentrate on its core business objectives while CLINTERPOL we handle on your behalf security function as a critical enabler in achieving your core business objectives.