Litigation Support / Evidence Gathering & Investigations In High Stake Cases

Quite a number of organizations and individuals continue to lose cases in court, not because they were culpable, these are cases they would have ordinarily won because they were innocent! Others simply admit guilt while they are legally innocent! The reason being, that, while they are innocent, they lacked the time, the capacity, commitment and expertise to gather relevant and admissible evidence and adduce the same in court and in good time.

Some law firms may not have the capacity, adequate time and expert personnel to assist their clients with the prerequisite investigation and research to aid them in gathering relevant and admissible evidence as well as certain pertinent facts and issues surrounding the case in question. Because of this, the majority of law firms may be forced to rely on the evidence the client has submitted themselves, this, in some cases may be inadequate. Losing some cases in court may have serious ramifications to the organizations as well as to the individuals, some in millions of fines and damages while others portend irreparable reputational challenges some leading to the closure of business.

At CLINTERPOL, we take this role with ease and great responsibility assisting your organization and your legal team to work around the clock, move from one place to the other, investigate, gather evidence, hand over to your legal team to analyze and adduce to assist the court in arriving at a just decision.