Investigations Of High Value Financial / Economic & Property Fraud

Organizations, as well as people, continue to be defrauded of millions in cash and in property. As is always the case, successful investigations leading to recovery requires a combination of the following: Speed and diligence, expertise, legal knowledge, constructive collaboration with law enforcement and other relevant institutions and most importantly, it requires commitment and integrity. All these allow us to not only respond constructively to investigative questions of what happened, where did it happened, when did it happen, why did it happen, who did it and how did it happen but to also help you come with strategies to prevent the same from taking place in future. Several previous and financial investigations CLINTERPOL conducted leading to successful recoveries and prosecutions have pointed to insider involvement with foreign accomplices, because of this, we always advise institutions to employ wisely by professionally screening all employees to reduce chances of having employees inclined to fraud and theft colluding with outsiders to defraud your organization.