Due Diligence In Procurement, Tenders & For Vendors & Service Providers

From time to time, institutions engage vendors, service providers and contractors to supply them with good and services, to avoid being defrauded by a few mischievous and fraudulent characters, it is critical to know if they are legally registered institutions, if they have the legal and professional capacity to offer the services they purport to be capable of offering to you, if they have a legitimate office or physical address, what of conflict of interest, what of the nature of litigations in court, are the directors blacklisted by the regulatory authorities and financial institutions … among many other critical areas of consideration.

At CLINTERPOL, our job is to ensure that you engage legitimate, authentic and legally existing institutions, vendors, and service providers to offer you services so that you may protect your investment from fraudulent schemes and legal consequences. In our line of work, we have unearthed ad hoc offices and bank accounts only meant for tendering and deposit payment stages, totally non-existence companies and directors (legally speaking) and vendors, service providers, contractors without the necessary professional, expertise, legal, financial wherewithal to successfully deliver on the projects they are tendering for. Several companies have lost billions of money in procurement and tendering-related fraud.