Due Diligence In Inheritance Disputes, Family Business & Property Conflict

This is a special service dedicated to family businesses, especially where there is a family tussle relating to the passing on of one of the family members who had had control on the entire estate. The media is awash with sad stories of large family business empires going down the drain as families fight in court for ages over control. As this takes place, the business suffers from lack of proper management as mischievous employees, managers, lawyers and even family members take advantage to defraud and steal from the business.

At CLINTERPOL, our intention is to save these businesses so that all legitimate persons continue to draw legitimate and equitable benefits from them. We believe at CLINTERPOL that many other families, beneficiaries, government, suppliers, vendors and several service providers’ benefits from the existence of a thriving business and because of this, they should not close down as a result of family tussles that can be solved. Our Due Diligence In Inheritance Disputes, Family Business and Family Property Conflict services are geared towards solving major contentious issues relating to contested wills, bank accounts, hidden property, deceased properties not known to family, misuse of litigations and counter litigations to deny rights and escalate conflict and stalemate for fraudulent gains, fraudulent DNA and paternity reports, blackmail and threats.