Due Diligence & Background Checks In Employment / Recruitment / Hiring

The success and growth of any organization is directly proportional to the integrity and competency of its employees. It takes great dedication and sacrifice for visionary and hardworking investors to come up with a great organization, but it may take a few hours or days for one wayward employee to bring such an organization down to its knees, especially through theft and fraud. This calls for prudence in hiring.

At CLINTERPOL, we do professional employee screening to ensure that you have the right people to assist you in achieving your organization’s goals. A professional employee screening will as well assist your organization to be in compliance with relevant laws and best practices. It also helps you to identify and avoid persons with fake and fraudulent academic papers, national identity cards, passports, police clearance certificates, practicing licenses as well as persons with sordid and criminal previous employment history among others. It enables your organization to select persons based on their competency, work ethics, integrity and discipline.