Cyber Security & Information Systems & Technology Consulting

The information age we are in came with it great promise and perils at the same time, the challenges existing within the Information and Communication Technology has seen growth in crimes committed within the cybersphere and the application of computer gadgets and its technology to commit crime. Denial of Service (DoD), Hacking, Spread of Viruses and Malware, Website Defacement, Cyberterrorism, Spoofing, Skimming, Spamming, Financial Fraud, Identity Theft, Data Modification, Cyber Bullying and Pornography are just but some challenges that various institutions are experiencing.

At CLINTERPOL , we have been invited to respond to cyber-attacks leading to financial heists where millions of money have been stolen. It is imperative for institutions to conduct sufficient auditing of systems to ensure that gaps and loopholes are sealed to protect them from illegal and criminal penetration.