Assessment & Auditing For Legal / Statutory & Industry Compliance

Business environment is full of legal requirements and industry-specific regulatory obligations to comply with. Parliament continues to come up new legislations and amendments to previous Acts while line ministries are gazetting regulations and coming up with policies from time to time that requires to be complied with. While ignorance of law is not a defense, sometimes the rate at which amendment to laws, enactment of new laws, rules, regulations and policies is so fast that keeping tab becomes a legitimate problem. Foreigners seeking to invest in the local market may find it difficult to establish new ventures in a strange business and legal environment.

This is delegated to CLINTERPOL, our Auditing and Assessment for Legal / Statutory and Industry Compliance will unearth potential legal pitfalls and advice on how to go about seeking compliance, certification and licensing. Litigations relating to non-compliance have brought many businesses down due to hefty financial penalties while some have led to the incarceration of their directors and managers.